SEO B2C blog Writing Services

 The following freelance blogging packages were designed for
UK health & wellness brands, out of appreciation for your contribution. 


* Out of knowing that pressure to constantly find the right balance of topic and tone, to convey your message with grace.

*Out of determination to see more people tuning in, trusting and investing in your self-care solution.


Our goal, lovely marketeer, is to amplify your Blog to connect with the most consumers in the most rewarding way for your business


We'll do that by regularly engaging your target audience and reminding them why you belong on their radar.

  • Weekly 500-600 word blog posts (x4)

  • 30-minute phone consultation at the head of the project

  • Analysis of any existing marketing content and available metrics

  • Weekly written correspondence with the client's in-house contact

  • 1 x custom title image + 2 custom inlaid graphics per post

  • Independent SEO keyword research

  • 3-day turnaround for each item, to allow client a comfortable timeframe to prepare content for publishing

  • 2 independent rounds of proofreading for each post, to avoid cheeky typos



pricing packages

Package length = 3 months

This is the minimum time needed to see a meaningful pay-off from consistent blogging in site traffic and lead conversions.

All prices are VAT-exempt.

Positive vibes included at no extra cost :)

  •  2 x 800-1,000 word blog posts (ideal length for this industry)

  • Weekly 500-600 word blog posts (x4)

  • Weekly 20-minute phone consultation to discuss strategy, metrics and topic ideas

  • Handling of SEO keyword research

  • Analysis of any existing marketing content and available metrics

  • 1 x custom title image per post

  • For each short post: 2 custom inlaid graphics for short posts

  • For each long post: 3 custom inlaid graphics for long posts + 1 isolated quote graphic for social sharing

  • For every post: 1-sentence blurb for social media posts or newsletter links

  • 3-day turnaround for weekly short posts/ 6-day turnaround for long posts

  • A shared "Trello" board and open messaging channels (within designated business hours) with any collaborators on content creation

  • 2 independent rounds of proofreading for each post, to avoid cheeky typos


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